(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. intimation, suggestion, allusion, reference, implication; tip, trace, reminder, insinuation. —v. i. suggest, allude, imply, intimate.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [An intimation]
Syn. allusion, inkling, insinuation, implication, reference, advice, observation, adumbration, reminder, communication, notice, information, announcement, inside information, tip, clue, implied warning, token, idea, omen, scent, cue, trace, whiff, iota, suspicion, notion, whisper, taste, evidence, reminder, memorandum, innuendo, prompter, signification, symptom, connotation, smattering, sign, wink, bare suggestion, glimmering, impression, denotation, supposition, tinge, vague knowledge, inference, prefigurement, premonition, broad hint, gentle hint, word to the wise, memorandum, mnemonic device, manifestation, foretoken, indirection, indication, slight knowledge, tip-off*, pointer*, dope*; see also suggestion 1 .
2. [A guarded remark]
Syn. innuendo, whisper, reflection, aside, insinuation, admonition, sign, suggestion, mention; see also sense 1, allusion , warning .
Syn. touch on, refer to, allude to, intimate, apprise, inform, hint at, imply, infer, acquaint, remind, impart, bring up, recall, cue, prompt, insinuate, indicate, wink, broach, signify, foreshadow, advise, adumbrate, cause to remember, inform by indirection, make an allusion to, jog the memory, give a hint of, make indirect suggestion, suggest, give indirect information, make mention of, remark in passing, drop a hint, whisper, give an inkling of*, tip off*, put a bug in one's ear*, tip the wink*, slip the dope*; see also mention , propose 1 , refer 2 , warn 1 .
Ant. hide*, conceal, cover.
See Synonym Study at suggest .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. clue indication, tip, *tip-off, suggestion, telltale, implication, allusion, sign, lead, innuendo, intimation.
2. trace tinge, touch, suggestion, taste, sprinkling.
give a clue, suggest, indicate, intimate, imply, indicate, allude to, insinuate, *put a bug in one's ear, infer, tip, cue.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. A subtle quality underlying or felt to underlie a situation, action, or person: implication, inkling, suspicion, undercurrent, undertone. See SHOW, SUGGEST. 2. A subtle pointing out: clue, cue, intimation, suggestion. See KNOWLEDGE, SUGGEST. 3. A slight amount or indication: breath, dash, ghost, hair, intimation, semblance, shade, shadow, soupçon, streak, suggestion, suspicion, taste, tinge, touch, trace, whiff, whisper. Informal: whisker. See BIG, SHOW. II verb 1. To convey an idea by indirect, subtle means: imply, insinuate, intimate2, suggest. Idiom: drop a hint. See SHOW, SUGGEST. 2. To try to obtain something, usually by subtleness and cunning: angle1, fish. See ASK.

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